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Kick Off the Big Game with Boss’ Pizza & Chicken!

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Kick Off the Big Game with Boss’ Pizza & Chicken!

The countdown has begun. All your friends are gathering to celebrate the biggest game of the year. It’s up to you to keep the party going with delicious food for the whole crew. That’s where Boss’ Pizza & Chicken comes in. We offer pizza delivery late into the night so the pizza will stay hot and fresh when it’s time to take a snack break. Here are five reasons to call on Boss’ this year.

Pizza is the Ultimate Crowd Pleaser

Boss’ pizza menu is bursting with incredible signature pizza recipes. Pile on the meats, or opt for a veggie-friendly dish instead. There is something for everyone when you order pizzas. Plus we have plenty of side dishes and chicken options if you want even more choices for your friends.

Zero Prep Work

You’re already busy prepping your house for all of your guests, so the last thing you need is more work. With pizza delivery near you, you don’t even have to leave the house to go pick it up. Just place your order in advance, enjoy the game, and we’ll show up right on time with your food.

Cost Friendly

A great game day party doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Pizzas are cheap, and you can buy more than enough for the whole crowd on a budget. In fact, your friends will be amazed by just how much delicious pizza they can eat during the game!

It’s Tradition

Everybody knows that game day pizza is the number one pick for the big game. It’s tradition, and you definitely wouldn’t want to change that. Especially if you’re superstitious, that lucky pizza tradition may give your team the upper hand.

Don’t Miss the Action

Sure, there are plenty of commercial breaks during the big game, but those commercials are just as important to the day as the game itself. You can’t afford to spend your time toiling over a stove or running to the store. With our help, you can stay put and catch every heartfelt and hilarious moment.

Sure there are tons of party food ideas floating around the web, but nothing gets the job done like pizza. Pizza has been one of the longest-running easy party food ideas because of its simplicity. Don’t make things complicated. Just call Boss’ or place your order online and enjoy a stress-free game day all around.