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How to Throw a Good New Year’s Eve Party

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How to Throw a Good New Year’s Eve Party

New Year’s Eve is one of the most celebrated nights of the year. It is a time for reflection as well as a time for making plans for the upcoming year. Each year we go out of our way to throw a fantastic party with fun themes for a memorable night. Here are a few New Year’s Eve party ideas to get you started:

DIY Photo Booths

Gather a few cute props and set up an area for your friends and family to take their own pictures. Make sure you have some background or prop that indicates the year. At the end of the night, share all of the photos with your friends on social media!

Make Confetti Poppers

A little bit of colored paper, confetti and ribbons can turn into a tradition in just minutes. Poppers are easy to make, and everyone will love filling the room with sparkling confetti as the clock strikes midnight.

Create A Signature Drink

Champagne may be the most traditional beverage for the evening, but your guests will love a creative new drink mixed up just for your party. Choose something that represents the theme of your night and serve it in specially decorated glasses.

Go With Pizza

Pizza is both affordable and practical for New Year’s Eve Parties. It is one of the most popular party food ideas out there because it takes away some stress as you plan the night, and you can get any pizza you want. Boss’ Pizza & Chicken offers a variety of delicious pizzas and plenty of side dishes to ensure that even the pickiest partygoer is happy.

Bring the Stars Inside

You can make your very own twinkling star decorations out of nearly anything. Paint origami or styrofoam stars with glitter, or use shiny ribbon to create reflective pompoms. Run a strand of white lights through your decor to bring it all to life.

Don’t Skimp On Balloons

Balloons make for a festive environment and can be part of some fun party games.You can even dress up your balloons by painting them or adding ribbon to them as well. Choose two or three complementary colors or go wild and add all the colors of the rainbow.

Create Party Games

The best New Year’s Eve party is the one that helps you reminisce about all the great moments of the previous year. Create a party game where your guests have to reveal something they accomplished, an embarrassing moment, or other stories about the year.

Whatever you do, just remember that Boss’ Pizza & Chicken is the best way to cater food for your New Year’s Eve Party to celebrate 2019!