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Do you know how you always seem to get the hungriest after everything is closed? We do, too, and that’s how we got our start with super late-night delivery. We know what it is like to want to order pizza online so you can satisfy that midnight craving.

That’s why we were the first to make that happen for our customers in Sioux Falls, SD. Now, midnight snackers know that they can depend on us to satisfy their cravings in neighboring cities in and throughout the Midwest, even when everyone else is sleeping.

Ordering Online with Boss’ Pizza & Chicken

It is easy to order food online with Boss’ Pizza & Chicken, even if it is after midnight. Are you wondering, how late can I order pizza? We are open from 10 am until 3 am on weeknights and until 4 am on weekends. Just pick the location nearest to you to make sure you get fed quickly. Now the fun begins!


Start with the appetizers. Try not to drool on your keyboard or phone while you peruse the menu to your heart’s content. What to pick? Is this a wings night? Maybe you need some variety like you’ll get with the appetizer platter. But wait, don’t forget about the best gooey mozzarella sticks and the delicious, savory garlic cheese bread!

When you are ready to add an item to your cart, just choose the red Select Item button. Tell us how many orders of the selection you would like us to bring you. Give us your special instructions and follow the prompts so we can prepare your order exactly how you like it. Are you sharing an order with your significant other or roommate? You can let us know who each item is for, so it is easy for you to divide it all up when we get there.

Pizza, Pasta, Chicken, and More

The only hard part about ordering from Boss’ Pizza & Chicken? Deciding what you want to order, that’s what! We want to make your ordering experience easy, but we can still be happy that we have so many great choices on our menu that you have just a little trouble deciding. Did you just wake up and decide you need to order chicken online? Whether it is 10 am or 2 am, we’ve got you covered.

We love to come up with new and different specialty pizza combinations to tempt you. Love spice? Check. Love meat? Check. Love veggies? Check. Like a little of everything on a pizza? We’ve got those, too, and all of them come in medium, large, and extra-large pan sizes.

Guess what? What you see isn’t all you get! When you select a specialty pizza online, you can tell us what items to add to it. If you are sharing with someone else, that’s ok, too. You can choose which items to put only on each half and which to put on the whole pie.

So, you say the chicken is calling your name. Well, we have just about every combination you could want. Don’t worry, just like all our other items, you can pick exactly how you want us to prepare your chicken and sides, as well. Want dark meat with spicy breading or white meat with regular breading? Just let us know what you like and what choice of sides you want with it.

If we haven’t tempted you yet, check out our pasta, sandwiches, and salads. Hey, no shame if your late-night snack of choice is green! We want everyone to have something that they love, so look at everything on our menu and follow your heart (and stomach)!


For those of you that think no meal is complete without a dessert, we won’t disappoint you. We offer a variety of sweet desserts to satisfy even the most discerning sweet tooth. From brownies to funnel fries and from cinnamon to raspberry dessert pizza, you will surely find the perfect sweet dessert and ending to your home dining experience. Just watch out for sneaky housemates that might try to steal yours from you!

Now that you’ve made your selections, tell us a little about you, like your name and whether you want pickup or delivery. Let us know where to deliver your order and any special delivery instructions to get it to you. Finally, we make it easy for you to order food and pay online, so all you have to do is get ready to eat.

Why Choose Us

We could write volumes about why you should pick Boss’ Pizza & Chicken, but you can simply ask your friends. Who has the best chicken, pizza, and more that also delivers early and is open after midnight for late-night food delivery?

Who not only has excellent food and customer service but also makes sure you can sit in your pajamas and never leave the house to get a great meal? They’ll all tell you the same thing: Boss’ Pizza & Chicken. Enjoy any of our restaurant locations near you in North Dakota, South Dakota, and Nebraska.