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8 Things to Do in Keystone

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8 Things to Do in Keystone

Keystone is one of the best places to stop in South Dakota for fun activities and family memories. We’ve put together a list of eight great things to do in Keystone to keep you busy while you’re here.

1. Mount Rushmore

The town of Keystone is located near the base of Mount Rushmore. Take a short drive up to the entrance of the park, and you can hike through several miles of gorgeous trails, visit museums full of interesting artifacts, and enjoy plenty of tasty treats on your way up. Make sure you take plenty of pictures of the beautiful landscape as you go.

2. Hike the Caves

Beneath the earth of Keystone is a lengthy network of fascinating caves. Visitors to the area can sign up for a guided tour through some enormous caves full of stalagmites and stalactites. You will see dazzling rock formations and plenty of exciting wildlife deep beneath the surface.

3. Picnic with a Pizza

Plan a picnic at one of Keystone’s many gorgeous parks with the help of Boss’ Pizza & Chicken. Boss’ has tons of signature pizza recipes as well as broasted chicken, wings, salads and more. They also have super convenient delivery and call ahead hours so you can plan your picnic any time of day.

4. Try the Rushmore Tramway

The tramway adventure is another great place to take the whole family in Keystone, SD. This is one of the best things to do in Keystone if you want to travel old trails and see the area from the perspective of pioneers long ago.

5. See Horse Thief Lake

When you think of South Dakota, you probably don’t think about many lakes, but Horse Thief Lake is Keystone’s special waterway. The lake is surrounded by lush forests and plenty of great scenery for exploring and capturing family photos. You can get all the way down to the water and enjoy an afternoon of fishing or boat watching along the shore.

6. Ride the Train

In the heart of Keystone is a piece of 1880’s Black Hills history in the form of a train ride. The journey combines sightseeing with incredible examples of what life was like long ago and is only blocks away from Boss’.

7. Rush Mountain Adventure Park

Take a zipline through the trees or head down into the caves beneath the mountains at Rush Mountain Adventure Park. This park is a perfect way to get some thrills while you’re here.

8. Get Homemade Taffy

Don’t forget to pick up homemade taffy at Rushmore Mountain Taffy, located right across from Boss’ Pizza & Chicken. Each batch is made fresh daily!

Boss’ Pizza & Chicken is open late, serving the people of Keystone. If you are visiting Keystone and Mount Rushmore, make sure you stop in or visit us online to order your pizza delivery. Try one of our 30 signature pizza recipes or get your hands on our incredible broasted chicken to see what the locals in town are raving about. We promise you’ll get friendly service and a meal the whole family will love.

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