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Uber Foods Or Direct Delivery: Which Is Better

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Uber Foods Or Direct Delivery: Which Is Better

Third party delivery services are on the rise throughout America. At face value, they promise to open up delivery to include restaurants that don’t traditionally deliver food on their own. However, they are also competing with those restaurants that do offer direct delivery, such as pizza chains. So how do you choose between a third party service like Uber Eats and direct delivery from your favorite restaurants? Here’s what you need to know about the experience:

Wait Times

One of the biggest concerns that consumers have about ordering food is making sure that it arrives fresh and hot. After several decades of delivery service, pizza chains have gotten this system down to a science so that pizzas roll out of the oven and straight into the hands of delivery drivers who can drop them off in just a few short minutes. However, with apps like Uber Eats, the system gets a little more complicated. The order is placed in the app and then has to be redirected to the restaurant. Depending on the complexity of the meal, there tends to be significantly longer wait times than you would expect for the typical pizza. Plus, UberEats delivers food across the entire city, so the driver may have a much longer trek to get to your home. All of this has led to some unexpectedly long wait times for delivery service when a typical pizza delivery is around 30 minutes.

Order Accuracy

There is nothing more frustrating than waiting for your food to arrive only to discover that the order is wrong. Depending on which delivery service you choose to use, they all have their own policies for handling inaccurate orders. Uber Eats, in particular, takes a closed bag approach, meaning that the driver is only responsible for transporting the order, not verifying its accuracy before they leave the restaurant. If the order is wrong, the driver is not responsible, and you will have to call the original restaurant to have the problem resolved. Since they don’t have any drivers of their own, the whole process of retrieving the bad order and delivering the correct order gets more complicated.


With direct delivery, it is easy to know exactly where your money is going and who has your credit card information. For instance, when you order pizza online through Boss’ Pizza & Chicken, you know they are a trusted vendor with a safe payment system, and they are paying their drivers fairly. However, with third-party options like Uber Eats delivery, things get a little hairy. With UberEats you must pay in the app, and there is no cash option. In addition, UberEats charges a significantly higher delivery fee than regular pizza or chicken delivery from your local restaurant. So you are paying a premium fee just for the delivery service in the first place, and then you still have to tip because the majority of that fee goes straight back to the app company, not the driver. Since drivers rely on tips for fuel, car maintenance and the bulk of their pay, it’s important that they are still tipped fairly for their time.


One area where food delivery services have struggled in some regards is integrating all of the various menus that they offer into one app. With your favorite pizza delivery service, the online ordering platform is made specifically for their menu, so all options are present and easily visible. With an app like Uber Eats, not all menus are entered the same way, and there is often confusion about how to make special requests or ask for substitutes. In some cases, these options appear unavailable, while other cases lead to improper billing for your food. These mistakes can be extremely frustrating if you’re hungry and just want your food to be correct when it arrives.

Ultimately, direct delivery from Boss’ Pizza & Chicken should always be your first choice. Our menu is quite expansive so you won’t feel limited in options, and we have extended delivery hours, serving our customers until 3 AM during the week and 4 AM on the weekends. In addition, our delivery drivers put customer service first, so you can be sure that your order will arrive promptly and error-free. Our online ordering service is easy to use and ensures that you can place your order and schedule your delivery when you wish. We also have locations throughout South Dakota, Minnesota and Nebraska to serve you with juicy broasted chicken, hearty pasta, and our 30 Signature pizza recipes that you won’t find anywhere else! Call today to place your order.