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Our History

Boss’ Pizza & Chicken set out to change the face of pizza delivery in Sioux Falls, SD. At first, our goals were simple: to make delicious pizzas and broasted chicken, and to deliver them to customers when they were at their hungriest. Our late night delivery became an instant hit with more and more customers calling on us when the other guys were closed for the evening. Today we have half a dozen locations throughout the area, allowing us to serve residents of the greater Sioux Falls area and neighboring cities throughout the Midwest.

Our Philosophy

The one thing that has driven Boss’ Pizza & Chicken to success is our commitment to customer service above all else. We value our customers and we aim to prove it at every turn. Whether you call in an order for delivery or you dine in with us, our staff is always here to ensure you have an exceptional experience.

Delivery and Online Ordering

Boss’ Pizza & Chicken is the one and only restaurant offering super late night delivery in the Sioux Falls area. We are open til 3 AM every night of the week and 4 AM on the weekends. You can order online for an even more convenient experience.


Boss’ is proud to offer pizza delivery in Grand Forks, ND and Lincoln, NE. While the Central Sioux Falls location is our original home, we have been expanding our operation to include pizza delivery in Rapid City, SD as well. Our model has been so successful that some of our former employees have gone on open their very own locations too! Our pizza delivery in Keystone, SD is perfectly located for guests of Mount Rushmore who need a delicious meal before making the hike up to the monument!

Menu Highlights

Here at Boss’ we pride ourselves on our giant menu full of great dishes for the whole family. We have the largest selection of signature recipes here in town and we are always finding great new ways to add bursts of flavor to our pizzas! Our broasted chicken stands out from all the fried chicken because it is cooked under pressure to lock in more moisture and flavor. It’s almost too good to be true!


In recent years, Boss’ has won numerous awards for Best Local Pizza and Best Local Chicken. We have also been honored for our sponsorship of local athletics and our annual Thanksgiving Day celebration.

Boss Rewards

The best news yet is the launch of our Boss Rewards program, so you can coupons and discounts every time you order!

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