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Swap Out the Traditional Holiday Meal this Year

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Swap Out the Traditional Holiday Meal this Year

The holidays are a wonderful time of year, full of cheer and happy people skipping every which way … at least in Christmas carols and Hallmark movies. The truth is the holidays can be quite stressful, especially when you factor in shopping, finances, traveling, time off, and, of course, the dreaded grocery shopping and prepping for massive feasts.

Holiday meals are a huge tradition indeed, but they need not include hours or even days in the kitchen. Why not consider swapping out the traditional large and extravagant holiday meal and celebrate with Boss’ Pizza & Chicken instead?

The holidays are about spending time with family, right? You and your loved ones can still experience the beautiful holiday magic over delicious pizza and chicken, and you won’t be exhausted before dinner starts!

Consider the benefits of ordering pizza for your holiday meal before building your long grocery list.

  • Save time: Take a moment to think about how much time you spend planning the meal, making a list of groceries, driving to the jam-packed grocery store, shopping, loading, and unloading groceries, prepping, cooking, serving and cleaning. Cooking for the holidays is no joke. Just think of how much more time you will have to enjoy a hot chocolate while watching your favorite holiday movie.
  • Make less mess: Meal prep, cooking, and cleaning are a messy business. Mountains of dishes to wash are no fun. Plus, you probably bring out your holiday dinnerware that needs to be rinsed and dried before the big day. Keep it simple with paper plates, the perfect partner for yummy holiday pizza!
  • Save money: You probably have already begun budgeting for gifts and events this holiday season. Spending can get out of hand pretty quickly. Ordering out is a perfect way to save money when you have to feed lots of people. Stop breaking the bank and opt for pizza delivery instead.
  • Avoid the hectic holiday climate: Boss’ Pizza & Chicken will deliver your warm and yummy meal straight to your house. You don’t even have to put on your shoes or coat to make dinner appear! Avoid the hectic grocery store crowd and cold winter weather by ordering online.
  • Enjoy delicious food: Our menu features a wide variety of items. With more than 30 specialty pizzas, gluten-free options, broasted chicken, pasta, salads, appetizers and desserts, your options are endless. There is something for everyone!

Order Boss’ Pizza & Chicken

Whether you want to order on the fly or you want to reserve a large catered pizza party in advance, we have you covered. We offer extensive catering menus at the following locations:

We look forward to making your life a little easier this holiday season!