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The Real Difference Between Broasted Chicken & Fried Chicken

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The Real Difference Between Broasted Chicken & Fried Chicken

Is there a difference between broasted chicken and fried chicken? Aren’t they really the same thing? Well…no. While both have breading and are delicious, there are differences.

Let’s start with fried chicken. The chicken pieces are seasoned, rolled in batter and flour then fried in a deep fryer or pan until the outside is crispy. The problem with this method is the outside isn’t sealed right away. Because of this, more oil penetrates the meat, which causes cross flavoring (think chicken that tastes like the oil it was fried in…or worse…the onion rings that were fried before your chicken). The biggest difference is the meat becomes dryer than desired as the natural juices are cooked off during frying.

While we love fried chicken…there is another way to achieve that crunchy outside texture and ensure the inside has the moistness that makes us swoon, when we take a bite. Let me introduce you to broasted chicken! “broasted” is a trademarked name, therefore you can only find it in restaurants like Boss’ Pizza and Chicken. But what is it exactly??? The cooking process starts the same as fried chicken; seasoned, rolled in batter and flour. But then it goes another direction. First it’s deep fried for a minute in a high-pressure cooker to keep the breading intact and seal in the juices. Once that’s done, the lid of the high-pressure cooker is closed to ensure all the moisture stays inside the chicken instead of being cooked off. To top it off, there is also a health benefit with broasted chicken. Because the outside is sealed at the beginning of the process, less oil penetrates the meat of the chicken. Yes, that’s right…that means less calories for you!

So, if you are looking for the best chicken in Sioux Falls, Lincoln, and Sioux City, Boss’ Pizza and Chicken is the place for you! You can order broasted chicken online for just one or two people. But if you’ve got a crowd, we have a fantastic catering menu and would love to help feed your hungry group!