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Best Foods to Warm Up With

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Best Foods to Warm Up With

Old Man Winter doesn’t play around. In our neck of the woods, frigid temperatures come with the territory. While you can bundle up with coats, jackets, and sweaters, sometimes you need something extra to stay warm. Here at Boss’ Pizza & Chicken that means serving up handmade dishes hot from our kitchen. Kick ice-cold weather to the curb by indulging in the best foods that can warm you up from the inside out.


Mac and cheese is a popular comfort food, especially in the winter time. There’s something about melted cheese that makes you feel tingly inside. That’s why we turned this staple into delectable specialty pizza. The ingredients include nacho cheese, cheddar cheese, mac and cheese, bacon and black pepper. This is a hearty, delicious pizza that’s served piping hot.

Did you know pepper is a spice that helps keep the body warm? It also includes antioxidants that help keep away colds and the flu. This is just another reason to dive into this edible delight.


Broasted chicken is another delicacy that gives your body a warming sensation simply because it’s so deliciously good. Our chicken dinners come with potato wedges and your choice of coleslaw, potato salad, beans or extra potato wedges. While you’re at it, you might as well add wings to the mix, such as our:

  • Buffalo wings
  • Boneless wings
  • Super Boss Wings

Our Super Boss Wings are mixed with jalapenos and Cajun red peppers. After eating these wings, you may have to turn on the air conditioner!


Aside from pizza and chicken, we’re known for our signature Bossta (or Boss pasta) dish. You get your choice of two types of meat and two veggies in a sauce of your choice. The special addition that makes this a go-to-meal for those cold winter nights is that you can make it spicy. Between the steamy pasta and the blazing spices, you’ll forget all about those freezing temperatures outside.


No meal is complete without a tantalizing dessert. You need a treat that not only tastes good but also keeps the chills away, such as our dessert pizza. It’s overflowing with cinnamon, sugar and a generous amount of icing on our cinnamon dough. You can top it off with chocolate or raspberry sauce. The cinnamon is the real rock star because it can help boost body heat. How’s that for keeping things toasty this winter?

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These are excellent dishes for keeping Old Man Winter at arm’s length. To really keep you warm, we deliver hot, hearty food to you. Order pizza online, or anything else off our menu, whenever you’re ready to chow down.