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Cheap Valentines Meals For Couples And Single People

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Cheap Valentines Meals For Couples And Single People

This Valentine’s season, treat your taste buds to a whirlwind romance of food and flavor. Whether you’re planning an unforgettable night for two or treating yourself to a well-deserved evening of self-love, there are plenty of tasty Valentine’s meals to choose from that can feed your appetite without breaking the bank. If delicious and flavorful pizza and chicken are your true love, Boss’ will sweep you off your feet. Check out this wide variety of signature dishes that are perfect for couples or single people on Valentine’s Day.

BBQ Chicken Pizza

It’s love at first sight with this fantastic BBQ chicken-topped pizza. Fresh chicken is spread across a crust with loads of melted cheddar cheese. The real kick is in the generous dose of BBQ sauce crisscrossed evenly over the entire pie. Be careful though: choosing who gets to have the last slice may put you and your Valentine’s love to the test. If you would rather dine on your own, Boss’ Pizza & Chicken has plenty of pizza delivery options so you can stay cozy right at home.


Perhaps the only thing greater than a fresh pizza pie is a fresh pizza pie that has been folded in half and absolutely stuffed to the seams with your favorite pizza ingredients. This fluffy pillow of flavor is the perfect date night meal to take on the go as you take a romantic stroll through the park or peruse the town. Plus, cleanup is nearly non-existent with this convenient creation.

Spicy Ranch Buffalo Chicken Pizza

This flavorful pizza is the perfect romance of spice and spunk. The classic tangy buffalo chicken is chopped into hearty chunks and spread across a fluffy pizza crust with a drizzle of spicy ranch sauce. With every bite comes an additional touch of fresh mozzarella cheese and crispy, delectable shredded bacon over the top.

Caesar Surprise Pizza

Putting all the best parts of a fresh Caesar salad on top of a cheesy, meaty pizza is healthy, right? This unforgettable specialty pizza is good for the belly and soul. Hearty chicken, some iconic Caesar dressing, parmesan, mozzarella cheese and bits of bacon are cooked to perfection and then topped with fresh cheddar cheese, croutons, and romaine lettuce.

Cajun Chicken Alfredo Pasta

If you’ve ever seen the film Lady and the Tramp, it’s hard to envision a romantic evening without a bountiful plate of pasta and a chorus of “Bella Notte” playing gently in the background. This classic chicken Alfredo is an ideal date night dinner with a spicy Cajun twist. Don’t forget the garlic bread.

Broasted Chicken Dinner

Nothing beats a full plate of great-tasting finger food. Keep your date night simple (but delicious) with the famous broasted chicken dinner. Crunch into your choice of dark or white meat that is perfectly broasted to give you that crispy gold skin. Add some toasty potato wedges, a helping of classic potato salad, refreshing coleslaw or beans on the side to make it all come together.

Broccoli Chicken Alfredo Pizza

Love comes in many forms including this super cheesy concoction. This pizza uses familiar ingredients, but it’s packed with flavor and texture that are sure to please. Under a delicious blanket of melted mozzarella cheese hides an unbeatable combination of fresh chicken, classic Alfredo sauce and fresh broccoli.

Boss’ Pizza & Chicken can be your true love this Valentine’s Day with a fully packed menu. We continue serving until 3 AM every weeknight and 4 AM on weekends so you can always rely on us whenever hunger strikes. You can also order online for delivery or pick up. Contact us and ask about our daily specials and catering services, and be sure to stop by one of our locations near you.