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New Year’s Celebration Ideas To Send Out 2020

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New Year’s Celebration Ideas To Send Out 2020

It’s safe to assume most people are excited to say goodbye to 2020. This year has been challenging in so many ways, so it’s time to send it out in style. If you are making plans to throw a New Year’s Eve party but are worried about keeping it fun while also staying safe, planning out all of the logistics in advance can help you make sound decisions. Using some helpful tips for New Year’s Eve ideas, you can be sure to plan the event that will help you kick 2020 to the curb while celebrating all the hope that 2021 has to offer.


Bite-Sized Finger Foods

If you are used to serving a buffet-style meal or creating a full charcuterie spread, you should consider making adjustments for your New Year’s plans this year. Think about switching to small, bite-sized servings or finger foods to avoid multiple people handling the same dishes. Instead of serving them on large trays together, create a plate for each of your guests that have several different options already provided. That way, you can also avoid guests congregating around the food. You can even choose individual mini-champagne bottles instead of pouring from shared bottles into champagne glasses.


Plan an Outdoor Extravaganza

Instead of scrapping your New Year’s 2021 plans altogether, consider taking your party to the great outdoors. If your home has an outdoor space, rent tables or put out seating so people who want to attend can still maintain distance while conversing. If you live in a cold climate, try adding in outdoor heater stands or portable metal fire pits so your guests can keep warm. Many of the decorating plans you have in mind can be transformed to be suitable for an outdoor party. Choosing to keep your guests outside allows you to stay safe while still enjoying the New Year’s festivities.


Photo Station

Commemorating your special holiday event is easy when you include a photo station and fun props to use. If you still want to include this type of fun idea at your event but want to stay safe and not share too many items, you can request for your guests to bring something fun to add to their photos. A boa, crown, silly glasses, top hat, or mask with a lot of bling are all New Year’s-themed items that can add something extra to the photos. Instead of an enclosed photo booth, a well-decorated backdrop works just as well.


New Year’s Themes

Theme parties are always a way to take your event to the next level, and New Year’s themes for the end of 2020 should be particularly unique. Silver, gold, glitter, confetti, and lights are all common choices for New Year’s celebrations, but your decorations for leaving 2020 should be as off-the-charts as this year has been. Although you can add a digital clock or countdown clock projector, you can also create a do-it-yourself centerpiece and have someone manually move it at certain time intervals. Since fireworks are not allowed in many areas, create homemade confetti poppers.

Are you planning a night of glitz and glamour, or do you prefer a casual or humorous theme? If you are going the glam route and want to help your guests maintain a safe distance, consider individual tables with assigned spaces that are socially distanced. If your guests are wearing masks, they can sit with groups already in their social bubbles and will feel safe while they eat. If you are looking to make your guests laugh, give out masks, disinfecting wipes, and toilet paper in their party favor gift bags.


Smudge Sticks

There’s no denying 2020 is leaving most people with bad vibes. What better way to try to repel some of the negative emotions and sensations associated with this unprecedented year than to provide your guests with smudge sticks to smudge away the year? They can use them immediately and then save them to bring home and smudge their personal spaces as well. Although this is a ritual that many people use every year to cleanse away any negativity and start the new year with a clean slate, it is especially important to start 2021 with a renewed positivity.


Online or Video Party

When it comes to safely ring in the new year, for many people, that means keeping socially distanced from family and friends until gathering is safer. One way to see all of your guests while staying as safe as possible is by throwing an online party. Everyone who wants to attend can sync up through a video meeting and participate in pre-planned games and activities. There are many ways to make an online party just as special as one that is held in person.

  • Festive backdrop. The first step to setting a festive atmosphere during a video party is decorating as though you are having live guests. One of the main differences is knowing you don’t have to decorate your entire house. You can make a creative and festive room or area of the house that will serve as the perfect backdrop for your guests to view. If you don’t want to decorate, choose a digital background that matches your theme.
  • Games and activities. Partying from a distance doesn’t mean you won’t have a connection with your guests. Come up with some party games that will keep the party going for hours. If it requires any physical items, have them sent to your guests’ homes in advance or email documents to print out.
  • Favorite takeout or synced-up recipes. If most of your guests are local, everyone can grab the same favorite takeout meal to enjoy during the party and feel an extra connection. If your guests are spread far and wide, consider coming up with a recipe that everyone can make together or in advance and share.
  • Music. Don’t forget that music is one of the best ways to set the stage for an exciting party. Get up and dance, even if it’s just with yourself. If you plan your playlist in advance, you can share it with your guests so they can play the same songs on their end, or you can just turn it up for everyone to enjoy over your video.


Choose Boss’ Pizza and Chicken For Your New Year’s Eve Party Plans

Ringing in the new year may be challenging in 2020, but there’s no reason you have to sacrifice fun or safety to have a good time. Whether you choose to hold a Sioux Falls, SD, in-person event, stay in and relax with loved ones, or hold an online soiree for friends near and far, consider adding delicious menu items from Boss’ Pizza and Chicken to your list. In-person events love the finger-food or boxed meal options, while local events held online can share a meal across the screen. To learn more about the menu options or to place an order for your holiday event, contact Boss’ Pizza and Chicken today with any questions.