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Low Key Valentine’s Day Ideas

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Low Key Valentine’s Day Ideas

When Valentine’s Day rolls around again each year, a romantic date night with your significant other may begin to dominate your thoughts. You may feel the pressure to live up to previous celebrations with your partner, or if you are celebrating your first Valentine’s Day with someone special, you may be looking for the perfect experience. If you’re used to having a bottle of wine and dinner together out on the town, why not change it up this year and stay at home instead? Try one of these ideas for a low-key Valentine’s Day at home that will make sure you appreciate each other more than ever.

Dinner and a Movie, At-Home Style

The traditional date night of dinner and a movie can be a completely different experience when it happens in your own living room. Scroll through your streaming options to find a movie you’ve never seen, or go for a classic you both love. Whether you are up for a laugh or want to stick to the Valentine’s Day theme with a nice romance, you can never go wrong if you’re watching it together.

How you choose to enjoy your food together can also set the tone for your evening. Some couples love to cook together, so trying a new and exciting recipe can bring you closer. Others prefer to order in from a favorite restaurant and not have to worry about doing any dishes before bed. As far as stay at home date ideas go, this is one of the easiest to plan.

Backyard Camping

For the more adventurous couple who loves to spend time in nature together, try camping out in the backyard if you prefer an at-home Valentine’s Day this year. Set up a nice tent with a comfortable air mattress, plenty of warm, comfortable blankets, and romantic fairy lights. Throw in some flowers or rose petals to stay on theme.

Before you turn in for the night, grill burgers or hot dogs and get a nice fire going in the fire pit for roasting s’mores. Curl up together under a soft, fluffy blanket and spend some time star gazing before heading to bed. Don’t worry if it’s cold outside in February; you have each other to keep you warm.

Master Bath Spa

Couples that spa together typically love being pampered, and making it a couple’s event turns it into a romantic event. If your love language is touch, show your affection by providing the gift of pampering. Instead of heading out to the spa, why not recreate it in your master bathroom? You don’t need a professional when you have a husband, wife, or another partner to provide a low-key, at-home version.

Set the stage by diffusing lavender or other essential oil blends and forego lights in favor of candles. Take turns giving a couple’s massage and adding other pampering treatments such as face masks and foot soaks. If you have a large tub, take a relaxing bath together with bath salts or luxurious bubbles and slip into warm, fluffy robes when you are done. Don’t forget to add background music for total relaxation.

Dance the Night Away

Does your perfect Valentine’s Day usually involve hanging out on the dance floor at a club or slow-dancing at a romantic venue? Staying at home with your loved one doesn’t mean you can’t find a way to still enjoy dancing to a lively beat or beautiful melody. If you have a way to play music in your house, you have a way to hold an at-home dance party.

Turn out the lights, crank up a playlist, and grab some glow sticks. You don’t have to worry about fighting for the bartender’s attention when the bar is your own kitchen. If you prefer a slow dance, consider streaming a ballroom dancing lesson and then trying it out on your own. If you are already an avid dancer, try something completely new to impress your guy or girl. All you need is a willing partner and some good tunes to have an amazing dance night.

Couch and Charcuterie

If your ideal night in with your significant other involves taking it slow and enjoying the finer things, think about spending the evening relaxing on the couch and savoring the flavors of a charcuterie spread. A quick internet search can give you the best combinations of flavors, including a variety of meats, cheeses, nuts, olives, crackers, fruits, and specialty jams and spreads. Beautifully arranging them on a serving tray or wooden board makes the display pleasing to both the eye and the palate.

To complement your display, consider holding a personal wine tasting to see which of your wines pair the best with your food. Alternatively, you can create a signature cocktail for your romantic date night at home that you can revisit later and relive the memory of your night.

Breakfast in Bed

Your Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be only an evening affair. Your low key, at-home plans can start the minute you wake up. Surprise your partner with breakfast in bed and pretend you are waking up in a hotel room getting room service. Fresh flowers and small gifts can accompany the meal for an added bonus. If you decide to sleep in and wake up late, consider a brunch in bed again. Maybe next year it can be your turn to be served a meal while still snuggled up in the sheets.

A Walk Down Memory Lane

One of the most personal home date night ideas can be taking a walk down memory lane and reminiscing about the people, places, and events that have been important in your life together up until this point. For married couples, this can mean looking through your wedding album and discussing special memories of the day. Even though this year you may not be able to take the trip you want, you can still remember all of the travel and events you spent together by looking through old scrapbooks.

For newer pairs, looking through new and old photos together may spark a discussion about where you want to go and what you want to experience together next. Even browsing through social media posts where you mentioned each other could give you an evening of reminiscing about your relationship that can bring you closer together.

Plan Your Valentine’s Day at Home

You may be wondering how to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year if you plan to stay at home, but the greatest gift partners can give one another is the gift of time. Spending quality time at home together, enjoying music, entertainment, conversation, and delicious food can be all you need to fill your heart with happiness. If you are looking for a delicious meal in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, to bring home and celebrate with your loved one, contact Boss’ Pizza and Chicken to check out our specials or place an order for pick up.

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