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Catering Made Easy!

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Catering Made Easy!

Picture this-you have a group of people to feed, and you’re in charge of ordering the food. You NEED to make sure there’s plenty for everyone, but you don’t want to buy way too much and overspend. You want a place that has great food, that’s a given, but you also want a little variety without breaking the bank. You NEED a place you can count on to get you the food on time, hot and fresh. This will take some serious internet research, right? Some detailed math to figure out how much to order? It might take a few hours or even days of uncertainty and anxiety about whether you ordered enough food, too much, or whether you can count on your caterer to get you food that will impress everyone?

The search is over with Boss’ new per person, buffet-style catering menu packages! No more research, no more calculating how much food everyone needs. You tell us how many you have to feed and tell us what type of food you want, and we’ll take care of the rest! With 13 packages ranging from pizza and breadsticks at only $3.99 per person to the combination package of pizza, broasted chicken, garlic cheesebread, potato wedges, and our fantastic salad with your choice of chicken toppings on the side for a very modest $7.99 per person, you can pick a package and tell us how many you’re feeding and you’re done. We’ll do the math and make sure every person is fed, and fed well.

In regards to quality, the word has become synonymous with the Boss brand! We’ve been voted Best Pizza and Best Chicken in various cities since our inception in 2005. We’ve built our business on the quality of our pizza and chicken, and when your group finds out that Boss’ is delivering, people will be excited. The difference between ordering Boss’ Pizza and a national chain, is the difference between getting a Lamborghini and a Ford Taurus. Boss offers the luxury car experience without the luxury car pricing! Our chicken is legendary, with thousands of testimonials in person and online over the years that state there is no place better to get chicken. Our chicken is broasted, not fried which seals in the juices, and we buy the highest quality fresh, never frozen, chicken to coat with our perfect breading.

We’ve delivered THOUSANDS of catering orders over the years, always on time, so you don’t have to worry about dependability. Because we’re locally owned and operated, your business is important to us and every single catering order is treated like gold! You will get your order on time, every time.

So whether you are ordering a cheap snack to feed a whole bunch of teenagers (maybe pizza and breadsticks), or a classy meal to a suit and tie office (our pasta and salad options are fantastic), Boss’ is here for you. Whether you’re ordering for the office, a graduation, a wedding, a wedding reception (pizza at 10:30 to keep the guests around is becoming a big thing), a family gathering, a sports team gathering, an end of school party, or anything that might come up, Boss’ makes catering easy. Pick a package, tell us how many, and give us a time, and we’ll make sure you are the star for picking Boss’!