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Broasted Or Fried Chicken?

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Broasted Or Fried Chicken?

No matter how you cook it, chicken is one of the tastiest and most accessible proteins you can add to your breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Pan-fried or pan-roasted chicken is a simple meal to cook on a weeknight; however, it is important to treat your taste buds to something different and delicious on occasion. Opt for a moist and crispy broasted chicken. What is broasted chicken? Well, here’s a simple guide to the difference between broasted and fried chicken.

Frying Chicken

Thanks to the availability of fast food restaurants, everyone has had fried chicken at some point in their lives. Fried chicken has that delicious, seasoned crunchy flavor we all know and love. The process of traditional frying versus pressure frying is where the primary differences between broasted and fried chicken come into play.

To make fried chicken, the cook must first season the chicken and then cover it in batter. Then the chicken can be fried in oil in a pan or cooked in a deep fryer. The issue with this method is that it is supremely unhealthy and can be ruined easily. The skin is the part of the chicken that is naturally highest in sodium. Therefore, when you cook it in oil, the oil saturates the already sodium-rich skin and gets down to the meat. This ups the fat content of your chicken and can also result in dry meat if overcooked. The frying process itself tends to cook off all the succulent juices that make a well-cooked chicken delicious.

The Broasting Process

The Broaster Company first coined the method of broasting in the 1950s. While chicken is cooked in oil as it is in the frying process, broasting requires the use of special equipment. Broasting necessitates a few more steps than frying. At Boss’ Pizza & Chicken, the chicken is first marinated and seasoned to perfection. Next, it is rolled into our specialty batter. After the chicken is deliciously seasoned, we put it into a pressure cooker to deep fry for one minute. The pressure cooker seals in the juices and makes sure the breading doesn’t crumble. We close off the pressure cooker with a lid which helps to keep the chicken moist and tender yet still maintain that satisfying crispy shell.

A Healthier Option

While the processes are similar, broasting is a far healthier option. Through this method, your chicken has fewer calories and up to 40-70% less fat than traditional deep frying. Broasting only requires ¼ cups of oil compared to 1 and ½ cups of oil to fry. Given stats like those, you’ll never want regular fried chicken again!

Save Broasting for the Professionals

While chicken that has been broasted to perfection is delicious, it is not a method that is recommended for home cooks. This is because it is not enough to simply use a pressure cooker. Pressure frying requires specialized commercial-grade cookware which is generally only sold to restaurants that cook a high volume of chicken.

Try the Boss’ Chicken

If you’ve never had a succulent piece of broasted chicken, head down to Boss’ Pizza & Chicken. We have six locations that specialize in this delicacy. Whether you want to order dinner for yourself or you have an entire party to feed, we offer chicken by the piece or customized catering platters.

All of our chicken dinners include potato wedges and your choice of side dish from the following options: coleslaw, beans, or potato salad. You’ll want to check out our specialty pizza selection as well. Order online or come into any of our stores to taste our mouthwatering chicken today. Make your taste buds happy and say goodbye to dry chicken forever!