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Things To Do in Lincoln, NE

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Things To Do in Lincoln, NE

Nestled in the southeast portion of the state, Lincoln is a hidden gem. While most people don’t imagine heading to the Midwest to vacation, the city is actually full of interesting places to see. Whether you enjoy nature, history, art, restaurants or music, practically everyone finds something they love about this city. Check out these Lincoln, Nebraska, attractions next time you’re in the area.

1. The Sunken Gardens

National Geographic named the Sunken Gardens one of the top 300 gardens in the United States and Canada, and just one look will tell you why. First created in 1930, the gardens sit on a 1.5-acre lot that is home to more than 30,000 individual plants each year. Spend the afternoon among white blossoms in the healing garden or relax among the annuals on a spring afternoon. Even if you’ve been to the gardens before, you’ll find a part of the garden you didn’t notice before each time you go back. Every year, volunteers and employees plant the garden based on a theme. Past themes have included “Purple Haze” and a take on Van Gogh’s “Starry Night.”

2. The Museum of American Speed

Car enthusiasts and history buffs alike won’t know where to look first when they get to the Museum of American Speed. Founded in 1992, this museum boasts the most massive display of exotic racing engines in the world. Stop in on a weekday for a guided tour of the many dragsters, luxury cars, and historic NASCAR vehicles, among others. You can also browse the museum by yourself if you prefer to go at your own pace. After you’re done drooling over the classic cars, check out the vintage toy display on your way out. The small area includes car-themed toys, cookie jars, lunch boxes, and several other interesting items. With so much to take in, it’s no wonder the museum was deemed the best racecar museum in the country by Automobile Magazine.

3. The Governor’s Residence

There is something to be said about the grand stature and elegant beauty of the Governor’s Residence. Built by Selmer Solheim & Associates in 1958, the stately home features a total of 31 rooms, including a whopping 12 bathrooms. One of the most popular parts of the tour is a glimpse at the inaugural gowns worn by previous first ladies. Inside, you’ll find extra-large fireplaces, winding staircases, and intricate chandeliers. Outside, the property there are winding paths surrounded by fragrant flowers and trees. Tours are available each Thursday. For the most breathtaking experience, visit the home during the holidays.

4. Boss’ Pizza & Chicken

Initially founded in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Boss’ Pizza & Chicken has taken Lincoln by storm. The award-winning restaurant serves up one of the largest menus you’ll see. Each dish is a signature recipe created and perfected by true lovers of cooking (and, of course, eating). With a menu that includes specialty pizzas such as the Bacon Mac and Cheese Pizza as well as more traditional combinations, the hardest part will be deciding which pie to try first. The chicken is just as delicious as the pizza, so don’t be afraid to order both.

Additionally, Boss’ offers all your favorite appetizers, pasta dinners, and desserts. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can try your hand at the Boss HOG Challenge. All you need to do is grab a friend and manage to eat a 28-inch, three-topping pizza within one hour without leaving the table. Are you up for it?

Visit the best of Lincoln, NE

Whether you’re in town for business or to see what all the fuss is about, chances are you’ll fall in love with Lincoln. Don’t forget to stop by Boss’ Pizza & Chicken while you’re there so you can eat one of the best meals you’ve ever had. Other pizza places simply don’t compare.