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Restaurant Etiquette After COVID-19

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Restaurant Etiquette After COVID-19

Post COVID-19 Restaurant Etiquette Suggestions

  • Visiting a restaurant safely post COVID-19 is possible.
  • Expect increased safety protocols when dining out, and call ahead if you’re unsure.
  • Have patience with restaurant staff and other patrons as they navigate the new restaurant etiquette.

Going out to a restaurant to enjoy a meal has always been an enjoyable pastime, but since COVID-19 changed the industry, it has become more of a luxury. Luckily, most restaurants found ways to continue to serve customers throughout the pandemic while still adhering to local, state, and federal guidelines. As restaurants welcome back more patrons, a new code of etiquette has arisen, some of it specific and required and other parts unspoken and assumed. Before you go out to eat at your favorite restaurant or try someplace new, review some of these post-covid etiquette rules to make your visit both safe and enjoyable for everyone.

Call Ahead For the Rules

Whether you have been regularly enjoying a meal out during the pandemic or are about to embark on your first restaurant experience in a long time, it can be helpful to learn the rules of the specific restaurant before you go. Even if you are well-versed in the local regulations, individual restaurants can set their own rules and guidelines. For example, some restaurants that previously allowed walk-ins may now require reservations. Others may have you wait outside while your table is prepared, so you should check the weather and dress accordingly.

Have a Respectful Mindset

A positive and respectful mindset prior to your day or night out can make a big difference in how your restaurant experience plays out. Before you leave, realize that you can only control yourself and your behavior, so if others are not following policy, you may feel safer taking a rain check or having your food packed to go. Remember that the employees have been working hard to provide a nice time for you, but the added stress of keeping everyone safe can be difficult. Good manners can go a long way toward helping take the stress burden off staff and other patrons.

Prepare to Socially Distance

Although some restrictions have eased up over time, the concept of safely socially distancing from others in a public place doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. Many restaurants are operating at a reduced capacity, and those that are allowed full capacity have found clever ways to socially distance patrons. Expanded outdoor seating, removal of extra decor to allow extra spacing between tables, plexiglass partitions, and other methods are frequently utilized to keep guests safe and meet local guidelines for a safe restaurant opening.

Expect a Mask Mandate

Many areas of the country still have mask mandates in public places, and this includes restaurants. Although guests obviously must remove masks while actively dining, many restaurants require masks while ordering or sitting in waiting areas. Although mask mandates may have been lifted in certain areas, many individual restaurants have decided to keep a mask rule in place as a part of the overall safe restaurant etiquette. Respecting these guidelines makes the restaurant experience more pleasant and safe for the staff and other guests.

Keep Up Your Hygiene Standards

Dining out at a restaurant has always involved good hygiene since everyone is eating and has the potential to spread germs. In the post-COVID-19 world, hygienic restaurant etiquette has been taken to the next level. Washing your hands before eating, covering your mouth when sneezing or coughing, and using hand sanitizer when soap and water aren’t immediately available are all good ways to maintain good hygiene out of respect for other guests and the restaurant staff. Maintaining excellent hygiene may already be something you keep in mind while eating, but taking this idea to the next level when everyone has the pandemic in mind can help everyone feel more comfortable about preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Avoid Impeding the Flow of Guests

Many businesses, including restaurants, have rearranged the furniture on the premises to allow a smooth, one-directional flow of guest traffic and avoid gathering spots. By paying close attention to signage and following the staff’s directions, you can avoid violating social distancing rules. When moving around the restaurant, whether arriving, leaving, or heading to the bathroom, remaining aware of your surroundings and where other patrons are sitting or standing can help you avoid impeding the flow of guests around the restaurant.

Practice Extra Patience

Since dining out is a luxury and a pleasure, many people avoided it altogether during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Others found safe ways to continue restaurant visits. Whether you are heading out for the first time or have been continuously dining out, keeping in mind that others may have had more or less risk tolerance can help you stay patient with the behavior of others. Some may be nervous about dining out, so being extra patient and respectful toward others can go a long way toward making your experience an enjoyable one.

Beware the Bathroom

Following all safe restaurant etiquette keeps employees and customers safe. Most of these rules are easy to follow and make the experience more pleasant for everyone involved. The one place most people may not consider the risk of exposure is the bathroom. It is difficult to socially distance in a bathroom, and other diners may take the opportunity to unmask while alone. If you do need to visit the restroom during your stay, try to time your visit when no one else is present in the room. Don’t linger in a line, and if you touch the door handle on the way out, use sanitizer when you return to your table.

Support Local Businesses

By the time the pandemic hit its first peak, many small businesses were suffering the most. The new restrictions and shutdowns caused many restaurant owners to get out of the industry completely. Due to the changes, many business owners had to make swift and smart decisions about how to proceed while still reducing the spread of COVID-19. Now that businesses are opening back up, even with new rules and social distancing, consider supporting local, small businesses such as family-owned restaurants. If you love your favorite local restaurant, support it as much as possible to keep it operating in the long term.

Stay Safe While Enjoying Delicious Food

If you are tired of staying home and fixing your own meals, it may be time to venture out to a local restaurant for a meal out. Restaurants have found clever ways to help you reduce COVID-19 risk while still providing the inviting atmosphere you know and love. If every restaurant patron follows safe restaurant etiquette, more people can begin to feel safe with the decision to enjoy meals out again. Restaurant employees strive to provide the best customer experience possible while keeping your safety in mind. If you are in the Sioux Falls, ND, area and are looking for a great dining experience with a delicious menu for the whole family, Boss’ Pizza and Chicken has something for everyone to enjoy. Browse the menu, stop by, or contact Boss’ Pizza and Chicken today for more information.