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How to Create the Ultimate Pool Party

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How to Create the Ultimate Pool Party

The ultimate pool party is within reach if you start planning right now. Every pool party needs a few essential elements to really wow your guests and blow them out of the water. We’ve put together this handy checklist to make sure you get everything you need to pull it off. Start here, and you’ll be well on your way.


The ultimate pool party has to have proper decorations. After all, you want to have plenty of photo ops while you’re gathered with your friends. You need a few strands of lights to keep the pool well lit into the night as you splash and play. You will probably also want to pick up some themed party decor for your tables, and a centerpiece or two to tie it all together. Skip the streamers as they aren’t water-friendly, and stick with hanging plastic decorations that can withstand a soaking. You can even use tiki torches as decor if you want to keep pests away. If you want something more creative, try tossing a bunch of colored glow sticks into the pool. They are great for kids, and can also be plenty of fun for adults.

Choose a Theme

A beach theme may seem too obvious, but there are tons of other options that you can use to enhance your party. For instance, shark week is always a hit, and you can find tons of great pool toys and decor that fit. The theme sets the pace for the entire evening and tells your guests how they should dress, what kind of activities will be going on, and more.

Great Food

Swimming takes a lot of out of you. If you want to stay energized, you need some delicious food to keep you afloat. Pizza is an excellent option because it’s easy to eat, doesn’t require dishes, and works for all ages. You can add a variety of side dishes, salads, and drinks to your pizza order at Boss’ Pizza & Chicken for a complete buffet. Mini-corndogs, chips and salsa, and jalapeno poppers are also great for snacking after hours.


Seriously, who doesn’t love cake? A pool party themed cake with ice cream is a great way to help your whole crew cool down during your shindig. Again, this is appropriate for all ages and can be a fun way to celebrate your chosen theme, and put your artistic skills on display.

Water Guns

You need water guns to have a great pool party. Use plastic cups to play water gun races across the pool, or simply surprise one another with a splash of cool water.

If you need to know what food to serve at a pool party, now you know that Boss’ Pizza & Chicken has your back. When you’re all done decorating for the main event, make sure you head online and place your order right away so you can have your pizza and snacks delivered on time. Your guests will be thrilled with your selection, and you can sit back and enjoy the party without having to cook on your own.