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Dinner Decisions: Broasted, Fried, Stovetop, Or Baked Chicken?

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Dinner Decisions: Broasted, Fried, Stovetop, Or Baked Chicken?

Chicken dishes can be prepared in a variety of ways, but each has pros and cons. 

  • You can use the oven or stove to prepare chicken at home, but restaurants have access to commercial-grade cookware.
  • Personal preferences help dictate whether you want your chicken baked, fried, or prepared with another method. 
  • Broasted chicken combines the best of fried and baked chicken while avoiding some of the associated disadvantages. 

Are you considering chicken for your dinner tonight? As one of the most versatile meats to cook, choosing how to prepare your chicken dinner dish can take some careful decision-making. No matter which recipe you believe is the tastiest chicken recipe to cook, there are pros and cons to each type of preparation. Before you make dinner plans tonight, think about whether you would prefer your chicken broasted, fired, stovetop, or baked. 


Broasted Chicken

You may have heard of roasted, baked, or fried chicken, but broasted chicken may not be a part of your everyday vocabulary. What is broasted chicken, and how does it differ from roasted or fried chicken? Although broasted chicken is deep-fried, it is done so inside a high-pressure environment. Usually, this means it is fried in oil while inside a pressure cooker. Although individual recipes differ, the process is generally the same. The chicken is coated in a special blend of seasoning and then battered before placing in a pressure cooker with just enough oil for deep frying. 


Pros of Broasting Chicken

Those who have never tried broasted chicken are missing out on one of the moistest and most flavorful ways to prepare it. The use of the pressure cooker allows the outside of the chicken to remain crunchy and the batter to remain intact while still keeping the juices inside the meat. Another advantage of broasting chicken over traditional deep frying is the amount of oil that you need. Frying inside a pressure cooker only requires a small amount of oil instead of an entire pan, making it a healthier option than fried chicken. 


Cons of Broasting Chicken

Although broasted chicken is a delicious and flavorful way to prepare a chicken dish, it isn’t a preparation method that is easy to complete at home. Most chicken broasting takes place in restaurant settings since a standard at-home pressure cooker may not be able to prepare it correctly. The commercial-grade pressure cookers used in restaurants are usually large-capacity and not readily available to the typical consumer. Those who do want to prepare chicken this way must take extra care for safety reasons. 


Fried Chicken

If you ask most people what kind of chicken is their favorite, many will tell you that fried chicken tastes the best and is the type of dish they love the most. This is for good reason since fried chicken gives you the perfect combination of crunch and juicy with every bite. Fried chicken is prepared by coating it with batter before frying in a pan of oil until the interior is cooked throughout and the outside is nice and crispy. 


Pros of Fried Chicken

Fried chicken is a fan favorite that doesn’t take a long time to prepare if you have tried it before. There are many recipes for fried chicken, and many people come up with their own special blend of seasonings to add to the batter. When done well, fried chicken is one of the most popular chicken preparation types and is sure to please the crowd. 


Cons of Fried Chicken

When prepared well, fried chicken is a delicious meal bursting with flavor. Unfortunately, a major con of this preparation method is that it is easy to ruin your dish. Frying chicken well takes practice since it is easy to burn, overcook, or lose the batter from the meat. Frying chicken can also be dangerous for those who aren’t used to working with hot oil. Another disadvantage of fried chicken is that it’s not as healthy as other preparation methods. 


Stovetop Chicken

Chicken can also be prepared by using a pan on the stovetop. Stovetop chicken recipes are abundant, so you will never get bored of preparing dishes this way. Stovetop chicken is usually seasoned and then pan-seared for at least five minutes before allowing to cook through. The initial searing seals in the juices and keeps the outside crispy. 


Pros of Stovetop Chicken

Stovetop chicken is easy to prepare and does not require any special equipment other than a frying pan. The easiest chicken recipe to cook in your cookbook probably involves stovetop preparation. There is no shortage of these types of recipes, so you can mix it up every day and still not get bored. Stovetop chicken can also be used in one-pan recipes with vegetables or other ingredients. 


Cons of Stovetop Chicken

When preparing chicken on the stovetop, patience is key. Although the exterior appears cooked, the internal temperature must reach a minimum of 165 degrees. Cooking too quickly or at too high heat can result in an overcooked outside but a raw inside. 


Baked Chicken

Baking chicken is a common method of preparation that can be utilized in a variety of recipes. Depending on how you prefer the taste and texture for your particular recipe, you can season the chicken and then lay it in a casserole dish or on a baking sheet before placing it in the oven. There are many options for preparing baked chicken just the right way for your recipe. Some prefer to quickly pan-sear before baking, while others choose to crisp under the broiler for a few minutes before removing it from the oven. 


Pros of Baked Chicken

Baked chicken is universally well-liked and easy to prepare. When cooked as part of a casserole or in a larger recipe, it suits the flavors of any type of cuisine. The versatility of baked chicken may be the greatest advantage to this preparation type. Baked chicken is also a healthy method of preparation because you can choose to forego any oils before you bake it. Many people remove the skin of chicken breasts before baking, making it a low-fat and high-protein choice for meals. 


Cons of Baked Chicken

Just as baked chicken is easy to prepare even for those who are inexperienced with cooking, it is also easy to prepare poorly. The most common mistake is overcooking the chicken. While you bake, it’s a good idea to check for an internal temperature of 165 degrees but don’t overcook it. When baking on a sheet pan, it can be easy to dry out the chicken by overcooking. 


Get Your Chicken Fix at Boss’ Pizza and Chicken

Although you can find meat lovers of every variety, there’s nothing quite like a piece of mouthwatering chicken to satisfy your cravings. Chicken can be prepared in many different ways, but for the perfect combination of crispy, crunchy exterior and juicy, tender interior, broasted chicken is the way to go. Healthier than fried chicken but more flavorful than your standard baked variety, broasted chicken at Boss’ is a must-try for anyone in North Dakota, South Dakota, or Nebraska. Come in to try out any of the delicious menu items or contact Boss’ Pizza and Chicken to learn more.

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