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Stuck At Home? Celebrate All By Yourself!

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Stuck At Home? Celebrate All By Yourself!

Americans are still firmly in the grips of the pandemic, and have increasingly opted to reduce their risk of exposure to the virus by avoiding large gatherings of people.  With this goal in mind, many families now host their celebrations at home. Over the past few months of doing so, parents have come to find that planning a party at home can be challenging, despite fewer guests.

There is no guaranteed formula for success, but there are two key ingredients to focus on: the right activities for a family at home party and good food. Boss’ Pizza & Chicken is proud to be a party favorite among Midwestern households and would love to help you tick good food off the list. Use these tips to work out the rest of your party plans.


Find a Reason

The truth is you may not have an easy, go-to reason for a party right now, but that’s no reason not to have one. Everyone could use a break from the monotony of life at home in 2020. This is especially true for parents and children who are now working and attending school from home. Note that almost every day of the year is the national or international day for everything from cupcakes to civil rights. You just might find some inspiration by looking up what people around the world are celebrating on the days you have in mind.


Choose a Date

Whether you’re planning an adults-only party for two or a child’s birthday party, a great party needs an excellent plan. The first thing you need to decide is when the party will take place. This allows all your attendees to clear their schedules and attend. It’s tempting to assume that everyone will be available because they’re at home, but adults may have meetings, and children may have catch-up classes. Setting a specific time also ensures your non-attendees in the household get to bed on time.


Pick a Theme

Picking a theme goes beyond deciding the party is a holiday celebration or anniversary dinner. Think more creatively. Consider what interests your family shares and start from there. If you plan to throw the party in honor of a specific family member, what is he or she most passionate about? Use the list below as a starting point for all the many categories available:

  • Sports, such as soccer
  • Activities, such as swimming
  • Historical eras, such as the Middle Ages
  • Regions, such as the Great American West
  • Ethnic, such as Italian
  • Movies, such as Pirates of the Caribbean


Create Your Menu

Once you decide on a party theme, the food and everything else falls into place. Because you have fewer attendees, resist the urge to get something different for everyone. If there is a star of the party, such as a recent graduate or a birthday boy, let that person choose one item. Then, create a menu that everyone else can find appealing. Pizza and chicken are party favorites, but you may want to supplement these with a few other items. For instance, children may want a scoop of ice cream, and parents may want a glass of wine.


Get the Items You Need for Your Party

It’s always a good idea to place your party orders way ahead of time. This is especially important if you distrust packages and store-bought items that you cannot disinfect. Get them early enough so that they can “quarantine” in your garage for at least a week before you need to take them out for your party. If you choose to buy costumes, you may also wish to time delivery with the laundry schedule.


Decide on the Fun Activities

Families continue to get creative with parties thrown at home. One of the most amusing party types that have debuted in suburban neighborhoods all across America is the drive-by. At these events, the family primarily celebrates alone. However, friends may drive by at a specific time, play music from the car, sing happy birthday, and leave gifts in the yard. These are some additional fun activities to consider:

  • Scavenger hunt in the yard and around the house
  • Three-legged races
  • Movie night
  • Cooking competitions
  • Painting and other crafts
  • Backyard camping


Send Out Invitations

Now that you’ve gotten most of the party planning out of the way, it’s important to send out your invitations. You could print actual invitations and deliver it to the room doors of all invited attendees, or you could send text messages. If you intend to have friends and family drive by to share their congratulations and well wishes from the sunroofs, car windows, and front yard, consider more formal invitations. Be sure to include what your boundaries are for your celebration, so there are no surprises on the day.


Test Your Plan

Try out your party plan as soon as possible. If you plan to throw a surprise party, this may prove difficult. Finding a room with a locked door and working when the guest of honor is asleep may help. Go through the logistics of your plan to ensure you have everything you need. Will the decorations fit in the room? Do you need additional items to put them up? Have you finalized our order at Boss’ Pizza & Chicken? Will you have any provisions in place for people outside of your household? After testing your plan, create a checklist to use on the day of the party.


Have Fun

The person who plans a party rarely gets to enjoy it. You may get so caught up in ensuring everyone has a full plate that you forget to make one for yourself. Maybe you feel responsible for keeping an eye on all the kids and want to ensure everyone has fun, so you never get to sit down and relax until everyone goes to bed. Smaller celebrations do remove some of these extra obligations, but old habits die hard. Remember to live in the moment and take the time to enjoy the company of family and friends.


Why Choose Us for Your Party

At Boss’ Pizza & Chicken, we take a better-safe-than-sorry approach to ensuring we keep our employees and customers safe. From requiring our workers to wear masks and gloves to providing no-contact delivery services, we have everyone’s best interests at heart. We are also committed to serving you at your hungriest and deliver until 3 a.m on weeknights and 4 a.m. on weekends.


If you want more than just pizza and chicken, we have you covered. You can find low-carb salads, sweet desserts, and delicious pasta on our menus. We even have a special kids menu that can please even your pickiest eaters. If someone at the party is very particular about pizza or has allergies, feel free to use our a-la-carte option to get the pizza exactly as you want it.


Does this sound like the kind of catering you want for your party at home? Check out our menu and place an order.

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