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Adapting to a different food lifestyle can be challenging when it comes to eating at your favorite restaurant. Although it has been a long-trending concept, the popularity of lower carbohydrate meal choices has been soaring over the past decade. In the past, the only options were to cook every meal or eat a salad when you visit a restaurant. This left out the option to dine on many of your favorite categories of food, including pizza.

At Boss’ Pizza and Chicken, we recognize that you sometimes want to enjoy your favorite food without having to consider it a cheat meal or a splurge. That’s why we have created a signature cauliflower crust to substitute for the traditional crust on our pizzas for those who want a lower-carb option. Although there are other delicious low-carb menu options, such as the variety of salads and unbreaded chicken, the addition of cauliflower pizza means you can still satisfy your pizza craving without any of the guilt.

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What Is Cauliflower Crust? 

Substituting cauliflower for flour and other higher-carb ingredients is a popular carb-reducing method for people who follow a ketogenic or another lower-carb lifestyle. Cauliflower can be riced, cooked, and drained, or it can be cooked and mashed into a useful ingredient for recipes. Cauliflower crust pizza is formed similarly, using cauliflower as the primary ingredient in the dough created for the pizza. 

Although recipes differ based on the secret recipe of each establishment, binders such as cheese and eggs are popular choices for forming the dough. The recipe at Boss’ Pizza and Chicken contains a special blend of herbs and spices to make it a mouth-watering and satisfying substitute for the traditional crust. You may even convert your traditional-crust-loving friends over to the cauliflower side if you let them try a bite. 

Why Choose Cauliflower Crust Pizza? 

Guests who visit Boss’ Pizza and Chicken choose cauliflower crust pizza for a variety of reasons. Many follow a keto lifestyle, which requires ingesting a minimal amount of carbohydrates each day. The keto lifestyle does not restrict fat consumption and actually encourages eating fats to feel full. The Boss’ Pizza and Chicken cauliflower crust recipe contains only six net carbs for the entire crust, which makes it easy to stay within your daily carb allowance while still enjoying the delicious flavors you know and love from your favorite restaurant. 

Not all fans of the cauliflower crust follow a keto lifestyle. Some want to avoid bread products due to dietary restrictions, while others simply prefer an overall reduction in carbs. Guests who want to add in extra veggies can choose cauliflower crust to grab an extra few vegetable servings. Once you try the cauliflower crust version, you may become such a fan that you order it every time you visit, whether or not you are trying to cut back on your carbs. Some people just prefer the flavor of a cauliflower crust over traditional bread crust, so finding one that is seasoned perfectly is the key to truly enjoying a cauliflower pizza. 

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What Are the Cauliflower Pizza Options? 

Pizza lovers know that the crust is only one component of the perfect pizza, and a cauliflower pizza is no exception. As with the traditional Boss’ pizza crust, you can choose your sauce and toppings to fully customize your experience. The sauce and toppings you choose can be based on why you are choosing a cauliflower crust. For those who want to enjoy a more traditional pizza but just want to avoid bread, you can top your crust with Boss’ in-house pizza sauce, and cheese, then add your toppings of choice. You can also switch out the pizza sauce with any of the amazing offerings, from Alfredo to buffalo sauce. For an authentic Boss’ experience, choose one of the specialty pizzas from the menu and simply substitute cauliflower crust. 

If you are trying to avoid adding more carbs to your pizza, skip the sauce and ask for olive oil instead. This increases the fat content for keto dieters and keeps the carb count nice and low. Pile on the meats, stick with veggies or opt for a gooey cheese blend. If you are a cheese stick fanatic, you can choose cauliflower crust cheese sticks to accompany your pizza or as a side item with a salad or other meal. Using the same crust formula, cheese sticks can be made with olive oil or butter to suit your preferences. No matter which cauliflower crust concoction you choose, your meal will be full of flavor and keep you coming back time and again.

Cauliflower Crust

Medium Pizza pricing + $3

All new cauliflower crust with only 6 net carbs in the ENTIRE CRUST!  Olive oil is available upon request to substitute for sauce on all pizzas. Nutrition info below.

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Leading a lifestyle with lower carbs doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice taste and avoid your favorite restaurants. With locations in North Dakota, South Dakota, and Nebraska, Boss’ Pizza and Chicken has something for everyone, whether you’re a local resident or just passing through. Regardless of dietary restrictions, the varied menu choices give you the option to find something that works with your lifestyle. Choose from a large variety of specialty sides, salads, pasta, broasted chicken, and pizzas to create your ideal meal. For more information about the cauliflower crust option or any other menu items, contact Boss’ Pizza and Chicken to learn more.

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